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Volkswagen Golf tops the vehicle repair hit parade

Staffordshire, England, UK - 13 June 2020: A Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk 7 facelift version in Atlantic Blue paint.

Motorists be warned – the Volkswagen Golf is the vehicle model with the highest chance of requiring minor bodywork repairs.

That’s according to smart repair specialists, Revive! Auto Innovations, who has analysed records across all 53 of its franchises to identify which vehicles their technicians repair the most.

The Volkswagen Golf was top of the charts, but for the wrong reasons, as in 2021 Revive! conducted a total of 425 repairs on the model for UK motorists. This was 80 more than the second most repaired model – the Mercedes-Benz A Class.

The A-Class was closely followed by the C-Class, with 340 repairs in 2021, while Ford made two unfortunate entries with the Fiesta and Focus models requiring 295 and 260 repairs in 2021, respectively.

Andy Hupfield, UK operations director at Revive!, commented: “The Volkswagen Golf is widely recognised as a reliable family car, so it may come as a surprise to some that the model was the most repaired vehicle by Revive! last year.

“The Volkswagen Golf has consistently been one of the country’s top-selling models over the last several years, and is the car of choice for many families in the UK. As a common family car, the sheer number of Golfs on the road means a higher number of them need repairing. Not to mention car seats, prams and extra passengers will add to the challenge of keeping your car spotless and damage-free!”

Andy concluded: “Our list features a wide range of vehicles, including everything from hatchbacks to sportier saloons. Unfortunately, no vehicle is safe from bodywork or wheel damage, but motorists can rest assured that whatever the car, Revive! can get it looking like new again.”

Revive! is one of the UK’s leading mobile paint repair businesses, operating through a nationwide franchise network. To learn more about Revive!, visit

Model Cars repaired in 2021
(exc. fleet, dealership
& insurance customers)
Volkswagen Golf 425
Mercedes-Benz A Class 345
Mercedes-Benz C Class 340
BMW 3 Series 335
Ford Fiesta 295
Ford Focus 260
Mini Cooper 245
Mercedes-Benz E Class 240
Range Rover Evoque 235
BMW 1 Series 230


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