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Zipcar Flex one-way drive and drop car club service launched in London

Car club Zipcar has launched Zipcar Flex in London, a new one-way, drive and drop service.

The organisation had previously offered a roundtrip service, which operated from dedicated on-street car club only bays across the city so Londoners could pick-up and drop off a car in the same location.

Using the Zipcar app, customers can now also book a car and leave it in any approved parking bay within a zone of 70 square kilometres across London, which includes Wandsworth, Merton, South Lambeth and most of Southwark.

Jonathan Hampson, general manager of Zipcar UK, said: “We believe that the freedom to be able to do any kind of trip, where you need a car without having to own one, has the power to fundamentally redefine urban mobility in the kind of sustainable way that will allow London to continue to grow and thrive.”

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