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Automotive companies face bewildering choice of technology solutions

This week’s MOVE 2020 mobility event in London was a perfect demonstration of the sheer choice of technology and solution paths available to automotive companies, according to new specialist automotive consultancy, Elevenci.

Just as consumers face ‘decision fatigue’ from the level of choice offered to them by car manufacturers, Elevenci Managing Consultant Mike Walters described the selection of IT and digital technology options facing OEMs, finance companies and fleet providers as “totally overwhelming and intimidating”.

He said: “It was an interesting and particularly informative event; the one thing that it totally re-emphasised to me is how incredibly difficult it is for automotive businesses to choose the right technology and solution paths in the current automotive world.

“The sheer volume of MaaS, telematics, charging, car sharing, platforms, Apps, technologies and solutions is challenging even for experts. Just the number of automotive and related fintechs is staggering – it’s extremely difficult to pick out the future winners and losers when you have 40 or 50 apparently similar companies to choose from.

“Making technology decisions – including taking ‘big bets’ – is now a potential minefield. Having a clear strategy and a comprehensive selection and evaluation model is thus more critical than ever before.”

MOVE is a global mobility event, which brings together disruptors to dialogue and give insight on technology and innovation-driven business change for start-ups and established companies looking to shape the future of the industry.

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