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BCA Dealer Pro allocates 1.5 millionth vehicle for sale

BCA Dealer Pro, the market leading appraisal, valuation and stock management app passed a significant milestone this month as the 1.5 millionth vehicle was allocated direct to sale with BCA.

Guy Thomas, group head of product at BCA said: “We are delighted to announce that BCA Dealer Pro has reached this significant milestone.  It represents 1.5 million non-retail vehicles that dealers have successfully and efficiently traded for true market value using Dealer Pro’s allocation to sale functions.”

He added “Using Dealer Pro, dealers can determine which vehicles they do not wish to retain and allocate to trade automatically, improving their speed of vehicle sales and therefore receiving money back to reinvest in their business.  The selling process begins immediately and vehicles gain exposure to the largest audience of trade buyers at BCA, helping dealers get the maximum returns whatever the market conditions may be.”

BCA Dealer Pro has revolutionised the part-exchange process and is used by many of the biggest dealer groups across the UK.  Around 2 million appraisals are carried out using the BCA Dealer Pro app annually and the service proved invaluable as increasing numbers of part-exchange appraisals were carried out remotely during the pandemic.

Using a simple guided process to appraise and then accurately value part-exchange vehicles, using daily updated data from BCA Valuations, the Dealer Pro app ensures dealer sales teams consistently capture all the information needed to enable deals to be done with confidence.  Dealers can then decide to fund and retail a part exchange, retain within the group or remarket through digital auction. Thanks to a series of data integrations, all vehicle data is seamlessly shared with the UK’s largest lead management and DMS providers.

Dealer Pro directly integrates with BCA Consumer Pro, which delivers daily updated, accurate P/X valuations to retail customers through the dealers’ websites – underwritten by BCA if required. BCA Consumer Pro enables a transaction to be completed by a customer online, remote from the dealership, providing retail customers a transparent part-exchange process as part of their car buying journey and driving sales directly into the dealers’ business.

Thomas concluded “BCA is committed to improving and enhancing the experience for all our customers by delivering a consistent and user-friendly service across all digital platforms.  BCA Dealer Pro is used by leading franchised and independent dealers across the UK and is integral to many manufacturers’ used car and online retailing programmes.  Working in close partnership with its customers, BCA will be introducing a series of innovative enhancements to the platform during 2021, adding to the efficiency and ease of use of the platform.”

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