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Best Cities for free parking ahead of Christmas shopping frenzy revealed 

Manchester has the most free parking options of any city in the UK, according to new data.

The research, which was conducted by used car specialists Bristol Street Motors, looked at free parking data collated by Parking Scout for each of the 12 biggest cities in the UK, outside of London. And, according to that data, it is Manchester that boasts the highest number of free parking in the UK, with 132 free parking spaces close to the city centre.

Seaside cities Bournemouth and Southampton also feature a high proportion of free parking spaces, with 76 and 75 free parking spaces for each respective city.

In terms of convenience, however, Cardiff offers the best free options for prospective parkers. On average, free parking spaces in the Welsh capital are only 1.06 miles from the city centre, representing a short 15-20 minute walk.

Sheffield, Glasgow, and Liverpool also feature similarly convenient free parking options, averaging distances of 1.32 miles, 1.36 miles, and 1.38 miles from each city centre, respectively. A spokesperson from Bristol Street Motors commented on the research:

“Whether for a spot of retail therapy or a day out with the kids, we’ve all felt the frustration of driving into the city centre, only to spend most of our time just searching for moderately-priced parking.

“That’s why, with our research, we set out to reveal the biggest cities in the UK with the highest number of free parking spaces and how convenient they actually were, helping motorists save time and money on their next trip into the city.

“Even if your local city doesn’t feature on our list, there are still ways you can save a couple of quid on parking. For example, you can use various online tools, such as Parkopedia, to book parking in advance and avoid extortionate Pay and Display prices.

“Alternatively, if you’re up for a brisk walk or a brief bus ride, then you’re more likely to find cheaper or free parking on the outer edges of the city centre.”

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