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Fleets use AI-powered tools from Reflex to manage hidden risks on the road

Fleets are delivering dramatic nationwide improvements to safety and minimising risks using artificial intelligence-powered technology fitted to Reflex Vehicle Hire’s car and van fleet.

As part of the largest vehicle technology investment in Reflex’s history, vehicles are equipped with an artificial intelligence-powered in-cab camera system that automatically identifies driving risks in real-time and generates alerts for managers.

Among the wealth of scenarios covered is hand-held mobile phone use, driver distraction, fatigue, whether the driver is wearing a seatbelt, and smoking (which has been prohibited in company vehicles since 2007).

The Flexicampro system also provides telematics data to identify other motoring risks, including speeding, and harsh acceleration or braking.

Reflex revealed earlier this year that live-fleet trials achieved 100% compliance with seatbelt laws for a national fleet. Now, new data has revealed a wealth of additional benefits.

Analysis shows the latest successes achieved by fleets one year after deployment of Flexicampro include:

92% decline in hand-held mobile phone use

81% fall in speeding incidents

61% reduction in driver distraction

50% fall in driving while tired

78% drop in smoking

Overall, fleets report a 54% year-on-year fall in risk-related activity compared to benchmarks set ahead of Flexicampro’s deployment, as managers turn data into direct action to support and educate drivers about road safety.

Flexicampro is part of the Drive with Reflex suite of risk management services that are helping to transform safety for fleets. The investment in the latest technology means that fleet managers gain access to the highest levels of safety equipment on rental vehicles, not just on their owned fleet.

The findings come amid calls for police to make greater use of AI technology to improve road safety. The AA Charitable Trust revealed that 93% of drivers have seen other motorists using mobile phones, despite fixed penalty notices plummeting nearly 90% since 2011*.

Government data shows half of motorists believe they are unlikely to be caught using a mobile phone, yet they risk being among hundreds of people injured and dozens killed each year in collisions where in-vehicle distractions are a contributing factor.

Lisa Spong, Sales Director at Reflex Vehicle Hire, said: “Fleets face a wealth of hidden dangers once vehicles are out on the road, so our technology is proving essential to minimising the risks facing drivers and other road users.

“By alerting fleets in real-time to dangers, fleet managers can keep risks under control while using insights to engage drivers through training programmes, keeping employees safe from harm. As the police increasingly deploy AI technology to monitor driving behaviour**, fleets also need to embrace this powerful technology.”

The investment in artificial intelligence is part of the Reflex Vehicle Hire Safety as Standard commitment, which has been a foundation for the business since its launch in 2012.

Other investments include vans fitted with speed limiters and hire vehicles sourced with the highest levels of safety equipment, where available, such as autonomous emergency braking.

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* Fleet News, December 1, 2023; ** ITV, August 15, 2023 (UK’s first free-standing AI road safety camera in Cornwall catches 300 drivers in three days)

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