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“Frantic Fall” underway as more than 10 million cars and vans due to have their MOT – AA Approved Garages

AA Approved Garages are advising drivers with MOTs due this between September to December to book early as “Frantic Fall” will see more than 10 million car, van and minibus MOTs expected to take place throughout autumn.

Similarly, drivers are being advised to stay on top of their vehicle checks throughout the year as the top reason for MOT failure are defects which can be easily and cheaply spotted and repaired.

Analysis of the 2021/22 MOT data* by AA Approved Garages found that lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment is the top category for MOT defects with it being flagged on almost 3.75 million failed tests.

Suspension, brakes, tyres and visibility defects completed the top five MOT failures with repairs needing to be made on millions of vehicles.

However, in a poll of more than 13,000 drivers, two fifths** (43%) believed the main reason for MOT failure was due to tyres related damage.

Number of failed tests defect showed

Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment










Rank Reason for MOT failure
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Similarly, drivers were asked what they believed the initial MOT failure rate was, with the average answer being 39%. However, analysis of 2021/22 MOT failure data by AA Approved Garages*** reveals that three in 10 (29%) cars, vans and minibuses initially failed their MOT.

Penny Stoolman, managing director of AA Approved Garages, said; “With more than 10 million MOT tests due to take place across ‘Frantic Fall’, the scramble for slots could be chaotic. Drivers who have an MOT due should book early to avoid stress.

“With household budgets stretched, drivers may be tempted to leave repairs on their car until the last possible moment or wait for the MOT to spot faults. But with colder, wetter weather due in the coming months leaving blown bulbs, torn tyres and cracked windscreens unrepaired could cause more damage to both the car and the wallet.

“Interestingly, drivers think more vehicles initially fail the MOT than reality. Our network of local AA Approved Garages gives customers peace of mind and honesty when it comes to vehicle repairs, so you know what really needs fixing.”

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