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Let down by set down. Brits facing hefty fees for airport drop-offs and pick-ups

Holidaymakers are urged to check drop-off and pick-up charges before heading to the airport this summer to avoid being stung by exorbitant fees and fines.

Research by leading travel insurer Start Travel revealed British international airports charge up to £1 per minute in the so-called ‘kiss and fly’ spaces close to terminals. Manchester Airport is the worst offender, charging a whopping £25 if drivers exceed its 10 minute limit.

And while other airports charge less for drop-offs and pick-ups, many impose even tougher penalties for those attempting to avoid charges. For example, Birmingham airport levies fines of up to £100 on rule-breakers.

There is some good news. Jersey and Inverness airports are free for quick set-downs and collections, while Edinburgh Airport offers a 50% discount for electric vehicles.

The worst offenders:

1. Manchester

2. Stansted

3. Gatwick

4. Luton

5. Bristol

£5 for 5 minutes. Over 10 minutes £25

£7 for 15 minutes. Over 15 minutes £25

£5 for 10 minutes. Additional £1 per minute up to 20 minutes

£5 for 10 minutes. Additional £1 per minute after 10 minutes.

£5 for 10 minutes. Up to £20 for 60 minutes.

Cheapest airports for express set-down and pick-up:

1. Jersey

2. Inverness                      

3. Cardiff                            

4. Belfast                           

5. Norwich                         


Free for 10 minutes

Drop-off free for 10 minutes

£1 for 10 minutes

£3 for 30 minutes


Lee Puffett, Managing Director of Start Travel, said: “With travel expenses rising rapidly, travellers are looking for ways to save money. Some airports are profiting from poor travel planning, so don’t be caught out with costly drop-off and pick-up fees. Be sure to research your airport carefully before you set off – often there are free ways to drop passengers at the airport. Saving money requires a little forward planning.”

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