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Long and winding electric road to COP26AA

Now is the time to re-evaluate our driving habits, according to the AA president, who will be embarking on an EV tour of Scotland just before the COP26 summit.


The focus of the World will soon be on Glasgow when world leaders convene to discuss the climate crisis. However, the AA president said that all drivers can make a difference daily to their driving environmental footprint and save money.


All drivers can make a difference


Whilst accepting that the biggest change to driving will be driven by the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans, the AA believes there is much drivers of petrol and diesel cars can do in the interim. For example:


Speed: Sticking to constant lower speeds is not only safer but makes your fuel go further. Drive at 70mph and you’ll use up to 9% more than at 60mph and up to 15% more than at 50mph. Taking it up to 80mph is illegal and can use up to 25% more fuel than at 70mph.


Driving style: Further gains can easily be made by modifying driving style. Drive smoothly, accelerate gently, and read the road ahead to avoid braking unnecessarily.


Tyres: Regular checking of tyre pressures helps your wheels roll more efficiently.


Service: Regular servicing of your car means it is more efficient.


Share: Think if you can share a commute or work trip with colleagues or use sites such as


Work: The more you can work from home the less your car would be used for commuting.


Trip chain: Can you combine car trips, for example, picking up shopping on way back from the office?


Walk or cycle: It is often easier to walk or cycle short journeys as you don’t have the parking hassle.


Load: Take off the unused roof rack or heavy goods in the boot.


Park: Backing into parking spaces means you lose less fuel when you pull off cold.


Following this guidance can lead to fuel savings of approximately 20% which not only reduces the environmental effects of driving but will save you money. For a family that refuels their two cars twice a month, and with petrol now above 140p a litre, cutting fuel consumption by 20% saves £61.60 a month or £739.20 a year.


Edmund King, AA president, said: “COP26, which the AA is proud to support, is about us all reducing our carbon footprint and all drivers can help whether driving electric, petrol or diesel cars. Not only can we help the environment, but a petrol or diesel two-car family could save more than £700 pa just by changing their driving style and speed.”


AA support for COP26


As well as the AA supporting the principles of the move to net zero, our practical activity will also help to keep COP26 moving by:


-           AA patrols supporting Police Scotland at three hubs to ensure police and emergency vehicles are well maintained and available for action.

-           AA Signs are assisting with directional signing and traffic managements measures across the event.

-           AA route planner providing traffic and travel directions and information which is important with many road closures.

-           AA patrols providing breakdown cover for Arnold Clark official COP26 car & van rentals.

-           AA B2B and AA drivetech sponsors, official breakdown & training partners, and participants in EV Rally of Scotland.

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Get Electric Done: AA welcomes Government boost to EV charging


As part of the Government’s Net Zero Strategy* the AA was welcomed the commitment to an additional £620m to support the transition to electric vehicles.


The funding will support the rollout of charging infrastructure, with a particular focus on local on street residential charging, and targeted plug-in vehicle grants.


Edmund King, AA president, said: “The AA supports the moves towards Net Zero and believes that EV incentives can help us along that road.


“This new charge point funding targeted more at the 8 million households without dedicated off-street parking is a welcome step which will give power to electric drivers.


“With the cost of petrol and diesel rising, the desire to switch to electric is stronger than ever before. Should the Chancellor go a step further next week and scrap VAT on targeted new EV sales, he would deliver a truly electrifying Budget that could ‘Get Electric Done’.


“However, the introduction of a ‘Zero Emissions Vehicle Mandate’ is probably unnecessary. Manufacturers are already taking big steps in order to meet the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars and vans, but bringing in this ‘Red Tape’ exercise could harm car production plans already in place.”


*Article Source

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