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Online car shoppers more likely to buy at the start of the week

Monday evenings are the most popular time for car buyers to choose their new motor, according to a new analysis by popular online used car supermarket

When crunching the numbers for visitors choosing a car, placing a deposit and applying for finance on, analysts identified a reliably ‘hot’ window of activity around 8pm to 9pm every Monday.

And in general the busiest times for visitors converting from window shopping to active buying are overwhelmingly Monday and Tuesday evenings.

Overall, almost 43% of transactions completed on take place on those two days.

These figures suggest that despite the disruptions to normal activities and many people working mainly from home over the past 20 months, car buyers continue to focus their research at weekends before making a decision at the start of the working week.

The findings may be significant for physical as well as digital car retailers, because they suggest that the beginning of the week may be the most effective time to close a sale.

But while Saturdays remain the busiest days at physical dealerships, it also suggests that online buyers seek the best of both worlds by combining the reassurance of seeing and touching the cars they are interested in before opting for the convenience of buying from the comfort of their home at the start of the week, with delivery to their chosen address.

Christofer Lloyd, Editor of, said: “Our data suggest that many consumers are typically adopting a hybrid approach to buying cars, with those who seek the comfort of seeing their preferred cars in the flesh before buying becoming ready to commit to a deal at the beginning of the week.

“It’s also interesting to see that buyers are tending to make their transactions outside working hours. This suggests that they aren’t fitting in car buying around work, but specifically dedicating time to placing an order.

“These figures are also useful for dealers who might wonder when an enquiry is best converted into a sale. If the energy to buy is concentrated at the beginning of the week, that may be the most reliable moment to win a wavering customer around.”

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