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Rented driveway parking offers lifeline to hard hit commuters

Company car drivers and commuters facing parking clampdowns from local authorities are being urged to rent a driveway near their place of work to avoid costly parking tickets.

The advice comes from online parking marketplace following recent news revealing the number of parking offences committed by company car drivers increased by more than a third in 2016, thought to be largely following a crackdown by local government.

One car driver who has found that parking on a rented driveway is ideal for him is Paul Thorpe who works for a marketing agency in south-west London.

Paul said: “I’ve had a few parking tickets in the past through being late back to my car. Work-wise the concern is always being able to find something affordable – and obtaining parking that’s a realistic walkable distance from work!

“All my close colleagues now know about the option of parking in a local’s driveway. It was easy to book and there’s the added peace of mind that comes with a company overseeing the money side of things. It’s also nice to know that my money is going towards helping out a family.”

Meanwhile, driveway owner Steven Kavanagh, heard about the idea from a friend and now rents out his driveway in north Manchester just 6 to 8 minutes walk from Manchester Victoria station.

“It’s good to know that you’re helping a local driver but really the money is the reason why. It’s useful to have some extra cash to go towards paying the bills” said Steven, who makes £70 per month through

Harrison Woods, managing director at, said “The daily drive to work is a battleground for many motorists, often leaving them exhausted before the working day has even started.

“Finding a nearby parking place and avoiding penalty fines are just two of these hurdles, yet the parking solution of renting a driveway could be on the doorstep of their workplace without them even knowing.

“The same is also true for business meetings in crowded city centres where the cost of traditional parking on the day can be staggering yet easily avoided by booking ahead through”

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