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Trusted & Triumphant: Car & Classic’s all-new secure auction site creates buzz and sells 159 cars in first five months

Just five months since Car & Classic’s stand-alone auction site launched, it has reached a significant milestone, selling 159 specialist and classic cars totalling £3m between July and December 2020. The consignment team has seen a rising trend in the interest of German cars, with the top three marques sold being Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen, and the largest amount of interest being with vehicles built in the Nineties.

Created to offer its enthusiast clients a new and safer way to buy cars during the pandemic, Car & Classic, Europe’s number one classic and specialised vehicle website, launched the timed auction site in July 2020. The world’s first and only platform to include free escrow for secure payment and has 0 per cent buyers’ fees, Car & Classic’s auction platform supports sellers and gives buyers peace of mind.

The Car & Classic auction consignment team has seen a significant interest in German car brands, with Mercedes-Benz and the popular SL being the most sought-after marque and model sold by Car & Classic since its auction site launched. Porsche followed in interest with cars sold and Volkswagen was next of the top three popular marques.

“Just five months since launching the auction platform and the team has proven that Car & Classic remains the most popular and enthusiast-driven specialist and classic car website in the world. Overall, I’m enthusiastic about the trends we’re seeing, with buyers flocking to modern classics like 1990s Mercedes-Benz SLs and air-cooled Porsches, but also recognising quality, like the concours restoration, ex-private collection Maserati Sebring Series II that we sold for £195,000. We will always stay true to our customer base and ensure we’re offering the latest and best cars from enthusiast owners, and with new and innovative ways of selling,” said Tom Wood, CEO of Car & Classic.

With now over 159 cars sold, totalling £3m from July to December 2020, the team has represented the book-ends of enthusiast and collector vehicles. The oldest car sold since Car & Classic’s specialist auction site launched was a charming 1925 Morris Cowley Bullnose. Marking a shift-change in the way that the British population got around in 1913, the Morris Cowley is also a fitting detail of how Car & Classic is changing the way specialist cars are sold at auction.

Meanwhile, Nineties German vehicles aren’t the only cars auctioned via Car & Classic, the youngest car sold by the team was an ex-press 2011 Fiat Abarth 500C Esseesse that starred in Series 17 of Top Gear, being Richard Hammond’s favourite hot hatchback in 2011.  Topping the charts since Car & Classic’s auction site launched, the highest value car sold, at £195,000, was a concours-condition 1966 Maserati Sebring Series II direct from a private collection.

While the team is based in the United Kingdom, there has been a significant amount of interest in cars sold from buyers all over the world. One significant Porsche has found its way to Japan through its enthusiast owner as well as a growing trend of cars staying within the United Kingdom and Europe.

Car & Classic is Europe’s number one classic and specialised vehicle website. Specialising in enthusiast-owned vehicles, the classified side of the website sees over 40,000 private and trade averts listed at any one time. Meanwhile, its stand-alone auction site is the world’s first and only platform to include free escrow for secure payment and has 0 per cent buyers’ fees.

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