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BVRLA updates Fair Wear & Tear Standard for Commercial Vehicles and Minibuses 

The BVRLA has launched a revised version of its Fair Wear and Tear Standard for Commercial Vehicles and Minibuses. The Guide is widely accepted across the industry for setting the bar for vehicle condition, giving a reliable reference point for end-of-contract inspections.

The Fair Wear and Tear Standard is updated every three years and reflects the latest technologies and driver habits. It evolves a thorough review process involving members, other freight and logistics trade bodies and vehicle auction and collections experts.

Notable updates to the new Standard include additional references to electric or hybrid vehicles and their charging ports, extra details on clearing customer data and GDPR responsibilities, and more detailed references to load restraints and Ad Blue and Direct Vision-related equipment.

Toby Poston, BVRLA Director of Corporate Affairs, said: “The BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Standard and Guides play an essential role in supporting leasing companies and their customers through the vital end-of-contract process. They ensure that everybody has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. We are indebted to the support of all the members and industry stakeholders who helped us to update this edition, which reflects the latest developments in vehicle technology and usage trends.”

The updated BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Standard for Commercial Vehicles and Minibuses is available in hard copy and electronic formats via the association’s website. There are separate versions of the Standard for cars and vans respectively. Training courses are available on each to support fleet professionals in understanding and applying the Standards effectively.

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