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Superpedestrian announces one million free rides on link e-scooters to connect citizens with vaccination centres

To protect communities in Italy and Spain against Covid-19, Superpedestrian is giving away €10 million in free rides on its LINK scooter – the smartest and safest in the world – to enable citizens to reach vaccination centres.

To support the roll-out of Covid-19 vaccination programmes in Italy and Spain, Superpedestrian has today announced the provision of one million free rides on its world-leading shared e-scooter, LINK.

Free rides will be made available in all European cities currently served by LINK scooters, including Rome, Madrid, Turin, Palermo, Málaga and Alcalá de Henares. The total scope of free rides has been calculated by assessing the number of people in each city eligible for vaccinations who would also be likely to choose a shared e-scooter as a transportation method for a short journey.

“We’re so grateful to the courage of medical staff who continue to work tirelessly to safeguard communities,” said Haya Verwoord Douidri, VP (EMEA) at Superpedestrian. “We already provide free rides for these heroes, so now is the time to help residents play their part by getting to vaccination appointments. Our free rides campaign represents significant investment, following a similar roll-out in our US markets, and will help protect the health of many people across Spain and Italy.”

This programme will be of particular benefit to people living in low-income communities, who may otherwise struggle to reach vaccination centres. Superpedestrian is well-known for its market-leading levels of fleet distribution across these parts of the city.

(For example, in Seattle, 15% of all journeys on LINK scooters began or ended in disadvantaged areas, 10 times the next-nearest provider; data provided by Seattle Department of Transportation.)

Free rides to vaccination centres are available to anyone in cities served by Superpedestrian’s LINK scooters. Riders must simply download the LINK Scooter app (available in the Apple and Android app stores) and complete a simple online form to have €10 added to their account.

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