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The Editor’s View

As police forces across the country embark on the latest seasonal drink-drive enforcement campaigns, GEM Motoring Assist is calling on drivers across the country to plan their journeys and ensure they celebrate the festive season safely. GEM’s message is clear: alcohol impairs judgement, and driving after drinking even a small amount of alcohol raises every driver’s risk of being involved in a collision.

Plan head: GEM’s travel tips for the Christmas party season:

Pre-book taxis and make sure you have their phone number or app – and ensure your phone is fully charged before you go out.

If you’re using public transport, check the times of buses and trains, and keep an eye open for last-minute cancellations.

Share the cost of soft drinks for the designated driver in your group. The good news is that the selection of delicious no-alcohol beers, ciders and mocktails has improved dramatically in recent years.

Think about the ‘morning after’ as well. If you’ve had a few drinks and you need to get somewhere the next day, use public transport, taxis or organise a lift.

If you’re out with someone who’s planning to drive after drinking, then try to talk them into sharing a taxi. If this doesn’t work tell the bar staff or call 999 and ask for the police.

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