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The Editor’s View

Diesel and petrol pump prices reached record highs over the weekend, with diesel now nearing an average of £2 per litre. Petrol hit another new high yesterday (Sunday, June 19) of 188.7p per litre (ppl), on average, while diesel reached 196.1ppl on Saturday (June 18). A full tank of petrol for a 55-litre family car now costs nearly £104 (£103.79) while the diesel equivalent is almost £108 (£107.83). This is yet more bad news for drivers, particularly with this week’s rail strikes leaving many people with no choice but to use their cars. On a positive note the wholesale cost of petrol, which has settled due the oil price falling, petrol pump prices really should not continue to rise, if anything we ought to be seeing reductions in the very near future.

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