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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

As the car market starts to “normalise” after the impact of the corona virus pandemic manufacturers are predicting the drop in sales over the last few months is only a temporary one. Manufacturers like Volvo expect to see a strong recovery in the second half of the year with electric vehicles accounting for a new surge in sales along with renewed buoyancy in the market.  Temporary closures of manufacturing facilities across the globe are now being lifted; some manufacturers have taken a soft approach to reopening ensuring precautionary measures are in place before they bring production lines back into full time use, others have brought production back on line more swiftly as demand grows more quickly.

Mazda dealerships worldwide have also resumed sales operations in the majority of its dealerships with even more positive news for its manufacturing plants, Overtime hours and work during holiday periods has ramped up throughout Japan and Mexico.  The increased positivity has also filtered through into the used car market with Aston Barclay seeing demand exceed supply in Q2 with them recording the highest ever used car prices. What’s interesting about the market at the moment is the speed at which the fuel landscape is changing, diesel is no longer the go-to fuel choice. Hybrid and electric are now fuelling the current and future direction of the automotive industry.

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