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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

Road safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist is urging all road users to put safety at the top of their 2023 agenda. Around five people die every day on the road in the UK, while 84 suffer serious, life-changing injury. GEM is committed to playing its part in raising awareness of – and reducing – these preventable tragedies that have such a devastating impact on families, individuals and communities. GEM has five simple, straightforward tips to help drivers make worthwhile New Year’s resolutions:

Before a journey:
Take a few minutes to plan and check your route before you set out. This will help ensure you don’t get lost, and by leaving five minutes early you won’t end up rushing and making risky decisions.

Pay attention:
Give the road your full attention. Don’t be distracted by passengers, mobile phones or private thoughts.

Hold back:
Make a pledge that you won’t react to the actions of other drivers. Nobody’s perfect, so don’t waste time and increase risk by trying to rebuke another road user. Focus on holding back and staying safe.

Choose your speeds wisely:
The speeds you use are entirely your own choice, so ensure you make wise decisions to keep your speed both legal and appropriate for the conditions. Time and space are two commodities you can never have enough of when driving.

Be alert:
Don’t drive tired. Around 25% of all fatal or serious injury crashes are sleep related, so if you feel exhausted, or become tired on a long drive, then stop and rest.



Finally, a Very Happy New Year to all our readers

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