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The Editor’s View

‘Be prepared for a bonanza of car theft ahead of Brexit ‘. That’s the very concerning message coming out of the automotive industry this week. Ahead of the December Brexit deadline and a possible clampdown on UK ports at the end of the year criminals are emerging from lockdown refreshed and eager to ship stolen prestige vehicles before borders become less straightforward to navigate.

This renewed assault on British car owners is being fuelled by a security weakness in many of today’s vehicles, it is estimated that three quarters of all car theft is a result of ‘relay-hacking’. Within as little as 10 seconds the vehicles fob can be cloned the vehicle can then be unlocked, started and driven away, within hours the vehicle is out of the country the only reminder for the owner is an unpalatable hike in insurance premiums.

A handful of automotive tech firms do however provide a cost-effective solution that offers real peace of mind for motorists across the UK while at the same time retaining the functionality of the manufacturer’s original specification. For added security and to avoid your vehicle being one of the 60,000 unrecovered vehicles in the UK last year its well worth investigating anti relay hacking devices.

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