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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

Business owners are rightly up in arms about the trial road closures brought about by the Emergency Active travel Scheme, I have also experienced several bad experiences while out driving recently in several City centres, ever since local councils imposed these chaotic schemes traffic has slowed, impeded by the rise of the giant “green” flowerpots.  Thousands of cycle lanes have appeared overnight, cycle lanes with no cyclists on them just a lot of very frustrated divers stuck in traffic jams created by these unwanted traffic calming measures.

FairFuels surveyrecently surveyed 9,082 small businesses about how they feel being an essential business road user in today’s politically charged anti driver ‘climate’. The results contained within the survey provide an idea of the impact of these urban council policies.

61.4% are working longer hours to circumvent road narrowing, new cycle lanes or road blockages

43.6% will have to increase prices

37.8% say they will lose customers

33.2% likely will not work in their city again

28.9% considering laying off staff

11.9% believe their business will close due to city road blocking/cycle lane policies (of these, 62% retail, 27% contractors, 11% delivery)

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