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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

‘Should I stay or should I go now?’ Like everyone else who has been following Government announcements surrounding the festive period most of us have to weigh up families over Christmas this year. Making a decision will be complicated with 28% of the population feeling it’s even more important to share the season with friends and family this year, with almost 40% of drivers already having cancelled a trip to see relatives these trips may now go ahead. For all those that are now planning a festive trip its well worth taking the time to plot your route and carry out essential car checks.

No one wants their car to break down on a chilly morning… or while on route to the mother in laws for turkey dinner at best it will bring inconvenience and delay. Prevention is always better than cure, so by seeing to a few basic maintenance needs, you can greatly reduce the risk of a breakdown in the coming months. Take a look at this week’s tips from GEM to reduce the chance of a breakdown or malfunction this winter.

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