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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

Looking deeper into Volvo’s electric model only aspirations and their plans to become a fully electric global car company by 2030, these changes will also have a fundamental impact on both the customer journey during the sales process along with the role that the dealerships will play in the future sale of Volvo cars. During their transition to become an all electric global vehicle manufacturer by 2030 Volvo’s aspirations are also to sell these electric only vehicles exclusively online.

Volvo Cars over the next decade will be investing heavily in its online sales channels all under the Care by Volvo name. This strategy should reduce both the complexity of their product offering whilst at the same time provide their customers with transparent and set pricing models. Will this push towards a fully online purchasing experience be the winning formula to entice car buyers of the future towards Volvo product or will the familiarity of the dealership and sharp dressed sales person be an option their customers won’t want to give up?

Automotive Industry Digest

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