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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

The Automotive industry is yet again seeing seismic changes in the way consumers buy vehicles , the amount they are willing to spend and the routes they take to both locate and select their future cars & vans. The default choice for the majority of new car purchases in the UK is now an SUV, in the family car segment, SUVs account for 51.2% of sales.

Looking at the used car sector and despite extraordinary increases in used car values motorists are not being deterred from changing their cars, motorists are actually choosing to spend still more by opting for even higher quality vehicles. Under normal market circumstances, rising prices tend to make buyers cautious, but what is happening is a desire to spend substantially more on better cars, to the tune of 40%.

Despite the substantial increase in what consumers are willing to spend on their vehicle purchase you still can’t escape the fact that one in five (19%) UK car owners never check the oil in their vehicle. 8% of owners, some 3 million people, admit to not knowing how to check their oil level, while 11% say they know how to do it, but never do so.

Automotive Industry Digest

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