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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

With Staycations trending at the moment Kwik Fit have provided some very interesting research this week that highlights the pressures drivers are under along with vital advice to ensure your vehicle is in tyop condition before you hit the road. The research found that families setting off for a UK holiday pack their car with an average of 2.3 suitcases, 2.4 items of hand luggage, 1.4 childcare items such as a pram or travel cot and 1.2 bicycles. This means that on average they are adding around 126kg to their car, even before accounting for other weighty items such as food, taken by 44% of staycationing families, or beer and wine, packed by 32%. Kwik Fit are urging drivers to check their tyres pressures are correct for the car’s load – they will usually be able to find the recommended pressures on a sticker inside the drivers’ door. it’s also important not to take more than you need.

Additionally any driver that knows the frustrations and risks of a breakdown along with the need for better visibility to warn other road users should take a look at a very innovative safety product that has just been released onto the market. Manufactured in the UK the Be-seen screen is a must have item to be carried on any car or van journey, this highly reflective product that is highly visible in the majority of light conditions could provide vital extra seconds of awareness that can help to prevent serious accidents.

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