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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

As the lockdown takes baby steps towards easing, the UK roads are starting to noticeably fill back rather quickly to pre-lockdown capacity. What I have personally noticed on my own journey towards getting back behind the wheel is the struggle I have found in getting back to “normal” daily commuting, after only a few months of finding alternative more local focussed travel solutions the need to cover larger distances has been inevitably thrust upon me. Pre-lockdown I would have considered myself an experienced, considerate driver with plenty of confidence on the roads, what I am finding now is that I am acting much more cautiously on the initial journeys that I am making. My driving has slowed down, I am even having to remind myself of the basic principles of, mirror, signal, manoeuvre, after not putting fuel into the car for the last 2 months I also found myself getting out of the car before reaching the fuel station to double check the side the petrol tank was located on.

Hyundai have produced an interesting survey this week that highlights the struggle other drivers are experiencing both during and after lockdown. The survey suggests A fifth of motorists have struggled to get to grips with driving again – after being off the road during lockdown, the average number of miles driven was understandably down from 583 miles per month to 90 miles over the past 28 days.

The most interesting point raised within the survey was that almost half of motorists are concerned that the standard of road users’ driving will be worse now restrictions have been lifted. From personal experience I can regrettably agree that this is definitely the case.

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